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The site casinos-singapore.com displays information on the gambling industry and online casinos and redirecting links of online casinos that accept players from Singapore. We do not have any connection with those redirecting sites and their respective practices. casinos-singapore.com is an affiliate website and that we do not offer or provide any form of online gambling. Read the terms and conditions to get a clear idea of how we function and the conditions we abide by. If you make use of our site, casinos-singapore.com, then it is considered that you agree to our terms and conditions. Also, it is mandatory to abide by the terms and conditions to refrain from legal actions when disobeyed or misused.

  1. Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of our site is mentioned in a separate page. There you can understand the usage and exposure of the information collected from you. You can always contact us if you have any disregards or clarifications based on it. Click here to read our privacy policy.

  1. Information displayed on the site

Any information displayed on the site is maintained at the best level of precision and accuracy. But we are not responsible for any inaccuracy in the information given in the site. We might change the information provided in the site casinos-singapore.com at any time without any prior notice and we are not to be held responsible for any immediate changes without notice.

  1. Use of Information

The information displayed on our site casinos-singapore.com, should not be used for any illegal aims and activities. It is solely displayed for information purpose and must be used according to it. All the gambling and casino information is displayed for people above the age of 18 and not for people below 18 years.

  1. Third party category sites and links

The linked sites might be available in our site which might redirect to a completely different website or service. We are not responsible for any offer, bonus, service, etc. mentioned in it. Before you give out information, read their respective terms and conditions to clarify on the same. We do not have any responsibility for their content.

The Casinos Singapore could not review all the linked sites. So if any mishap occurs when the user connects with the links, then it is at the user’s own risk and the site will not be liable to take responsibility for the consequences.

  1. Interference to the site is prohibited

You are given access to view or download the copy of the site for personal and non- commercial purpose. But usage of the same to damage or disable the site’s working condition is strictly prohibited. You can use the content for your own enjoyment but misusing the content like publishing the same content for your own benefit is strictly forbidden. Any unauthorized connection might put you at risk, so make sure you follow the terms and conditions to avoid further legal actions.

  1. Modifications

The terms and conditions of the Casinos Singapore Company might change anytime. We reserve the right to do this without prior notice or discussion. It is recommended to check the T&C of the site once in a while to be aware of our terms and practices. The user cannot raise a legal query regarding the absence of notification regarding modification since it is the responsibility of the user to be updated.

  1. Indemnification

You cannot blame or accuse any person working in the site for any inaccuracy or precision in the content displayed on the site. You indemnify that you will stand harmless towards the overall management of the site at all conditions regarding any information displayed on the site and also their respective services. The user must indemnify by acting along the company by refraining from any activities that might affect the company by any means.

  1. Restriction and Termination

The site casinos-singapore.com has the authority to restrict or terminate your usage without any prior notice if found out that you have forbidden our terms and conditions. When the user is found that he has been of any part that the company finds unlawful, the person would be liable to face the consequences like immediate restriction or termination from the site without any notification beforehand.

  1. Contact information

If you have some query regarding the terms and conditions and their aspects, feel free to get in touch. We will be happy to explain to you in detail regarding our practices, rules, and regulations. You are safe in this site and everything you experience in casinos-singapore.com, is protected and guarded and by accepting the terms, you are lawfully abiding by the terms and conditions to facilitate better usage from both ends.