Top Roulette Strategies

This review looks at some of the most effective strategies you can apply while spinning that roulette wheel. Roulette is an ancient game, yet it still amazes most punters. That’s, there are a lot of odd calculations and analyses around this casino game. Although you may enjoy spinning the wheel, the player’s odds are some of the worst.

That said, roulette is a simple game but you need to employ the right strategy. That’s why punters have been trying to develop robust strategies to overcome the aspect of luck. As a result, some roulette strategies have been published in various places to help gamblers beat the house advantage.

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Top 5 Best Roulette Strategy Types and Can they Neutralize House Edge?

Players have devised some ways to beat the statistical probability in a roulette. While some methods are effective, others are simply disappointing. So, players need to find strategies that have proved to work overtime. Such roulette strategies include:


This straightforward strategy calls for gamblers to increase their bet after every loss; when they win, they get their lost money back and begin betting again with the initial money. While it’s a common strategy, it is very risky. But it increases your probability of winning in a short time – the wins are small, and losses may be huge.

Start a bet with a small amount – bet that amount until you lose. After a loss, double the bet size; when you win, you recover the lost amount.


This strategy aims to get three consecutive wins while doubling the bet amount with each win. You begin by wagering a single unit on an even money outcome. If you lose that bet, you’ll bet again with a similar amount, i.e., maintain the stake. However, if you win, double your stake and continue. If you are in a row, doubling your stake gives more real money.


In this betting strategy, which is named after the French mathematician Jean-Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert, gamblers increase their stakes at a slower pace than the Martingale. Ideally, players add one unit instead of doubling the stake after losing a bet. If you win, you decrease the stake by one unit. The stakes do not get ridiculously higher; however, you recover losses much slower. Hence, chances of making losses are higher, but the amount to lose is low.


This strategy is exclusive for even money bets. The Fibonacci system has a number sequence that determines the amount to bet on each session. You’ll begin with 1 and follow the chain until you win.

Players who win the first bet have a bigger advantage; else, it may spell doom. If you win on your 2nd or 3rd bet, after losing the 1st, it makes it even. However, everything from here is a loss that increases with each following bet.

If you win your first bet, start the sequence from the beginning. Nonetheless, if you further down the sequence, move back two numbers. If you lose, repeat the process; this helps make some profit.

James Bond methods

In this betting strategy, split your bets into three parts – 70%, 25%, and 5%. This progression is important in case you want to double the stake. Bet 70% on 19-36 (payout is 1:1), 25% (payout is 5:1) on 13-18  and 5% on 0.

For example, if you bet 20 units a spin, so $20 a spin. It’s a combination bet method, with three different bets needed each time.

You place $14 on the high numbers, so 19 to 36. Next, put $5 on a six-line (or double street) – so, place the bet so that it covers two rows of three numbers, namely 13 to 18. Finally, put the last $1 on the green zero. Well, the idea is that by using this combination, you cover more possible outcomes than you might otherwise have done.

The James Bond roulette strategy mostly applies to European or French roulette, it’s not used when playing American roulette.

Roulette Strategies

Progressive vs. Non-Progressive – Two Major Groups 

There are two significant categories of betting strategies:

Progressive betting

Progressive betting (per unit strategy) means placing aside a specific amount to bet for every single bet, and your bankroll determines this amount. Players can increase in the Martingale system, where players double after a loss.

By contrast, in the Paroli system (Reverse Martingale), you’ll double bets after every win. These two methods are steep progressions – great for outside bets with odds close to 50%. The D’Alembert system is a flat progression – suitable for inside bets.

  • Advantage: the difference between wins and losses is huge; logical patterns; easy to limit losses;
  • Disadvantage: very risky;

Non-Progressive betting

Non-progressive betting is when players can adjust the bet amount as they wish or keep the bet amount constant – for instance, the James Bond strategy, a strategy that covers more than half of the table bets to make the table odds favorable to the player.

Your bankroll and preference are two essential things determining how you adjust bet amounts.

  • Advantages: players don’t make complex calculations; great for low rollers;
  • Disadvantage: result in small wins; unpredictable results;
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How to Pick the Best Roulette Strategy?

Deciding on the best roulette strategy can be an uphill task for many players. However, use the following tips to identify the right one.

Your bankroll

Different betting strategies require different amounts of money. For instance, the Martingale system requires you to double after every loss. You should set a budget, big enough, for the number of times you need to bet. This helps you avoid going beyond your budget.

Style of play

Your style of play is crucial. Some roulette strategies are very aggressive, meaning that you’ll be putting more money on the line while others are slightly safe, i.e., you bet more conservatively for smaller wins. Aggressive players can confidently try these methods.

Proficiency level

Proficient players understand the roulette rules. Most importantly, they know that the casino has a higher edge regardless of the strategy at hand. So, they’ll try to bet within the rules and safely. That way, they minimize the risk of losing money while spinning the wheel.

The Uncertainty of Roulette systems

 A casino will not always allow you to win – if so, they’ll lose a lot of money. Roulette strategies will help you increase your chances of winning, but none will give you a 100% chance of winning. Ideally, roulette has a much stronger element of chance. Once you spin the wheel, you can’t predict its outcome.

So, there isn’t a foolproof method of having absolute wins in roulette, regardless of the numerous smart probability calculations and statistical analyses. The roulette game rules are designed to give the casino more wins in the long run, even if you start by winning.

Therefore, even with the best strategy, you may win some spins, lose others or even leave the table at a loss. This design makes roulette thrilling and addictive.


The roulette wheel is unique because every rotation you make is independent of the previous rotation. This makes the odds still the same for a specific incidence. However, the roulette design gives the bank an edge over the players. That means that even a combination of different bets during spins doesn’t result in sure profits – roulette is a luck game.

You can use the available strategies to boost your winning chances at the Best Casinos in Singapore, but you can’t beat the banker – no strategy is guaranteed to give you a win.

In the long run, the house must win. But some roulette strategies sometimes work close to 100% accuracy.

Though many roulette strategies exist, they have been designed for particular betting ranges and specific rules; thus, no single strategy fits the entire roulette betting system. So, check out the available strategies and select what is friendly to your betting style.

The easiest way to win roulette spins is to focus on outside bets. If not a win, these bets help to minimize losses and give you a chance to score a win. However, the wins won't be mind-blowing.

The James Bond roulette strategy is an example of a non-progressive betting strategy. Ideally, a non-progressive betting strategy allows you to change the size of your bet in ways that suit you. They work well for low roller players.

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