About Us

We are Casinos Singapore Online and we are here to ensure that you always have the latest information regarding online casinos. Here, members get fresh updates on upcoming bonuses, offers and specials events that are hosted across different online casinos.

In addition to offering information on the latest promotions and bonuses, Casinos Singapore is also loaded with useful information on casino games and many tips for members and visitors. One is also bound to find useful guides on how to play slots, cards and table games plus useful in-depth reviews on various casinos online.

How do we compile our reviews?

Here at Casinos Singapore Online, we have a talented team of reviewers and global staff with years of casino experience. This helps us offer an unmatched perspective of ins and out of online casino play. We have a review format in place, which enables us to look at some of the important aspects of online casino gaming.

To successfully compile our reviews, our capable team of reviewers spends time digging the official casino site and exploring all that’s there to be explored. This will not only enable them to become intimately familiar with the working of the platform, but it will also help them write the reviews as they are supposed to be written – completely unbiased!

We also playtest casino games before writing reviews

As far as the gameplay and functionality of games are concerned, we playtest each title that we are about to write a review on. We look at a number of various categories, a factor that enables us to form a first-hand impression on how these games operate.

Furthermore, our combination of meticulous research and practical usage of the games allows us to write reviews that are both informative and exhaustive.

We Are Strong Advocates of Responsible Gaming

Casino gaming is a thrilling way of taking a break from reality as one unwinds and has a good time. And as much as we’d like you to win prizes and have a good time in the process, we especially put emphasis on responsible gaming.

If you are not aware of what responsible gaming is all about, we highly recommend that you reach out the casino’s help section where you’ll get all the relevant information. From our end, we encourage you to only visit an online casino website if you are at least 21 years of age!