High Rollers and VIPs – Expert Guide

Online casinos are home to several classes of players – the newbies, the cautious, the problem gamblers, and the high rollers. The last ones are game players who are okay with spending a huge sum on one game. These players are also called cheetahs or whales. Playing with bigger stakes gives them the excitement they need. Another class of individuals worth mentioning are the VIPs, who wager regularly with large bet sums. For these players, gambling is a lifestyle. In most cases, a VIP gambler is also a high roller. Some of the best Singaporean online casinos have secluded VIP programs dedicated solely to High rollers and VIP gamblers. So, stick with us till the end and find out more about these programs.

The Best Casinos for High Rollers and VIPs in Singapore in 2024:

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412Play Casino logo 12Play Casino Review Welcome Bonus 100% up to SGD300 Claim Bonus
5GemBetCasino logo GemBet Casino Review Welcome Bonus 250% up to SGD 1000 Claim Bonus
6B9 Casino logo B9Casino Review Welcome Bonus 150% up to SGD1000 Claim Bonus
7Uwin33 Casino logo Uwin33 Casino Review Welcome Bonus 100% up to SGD688 Claim Bonus
8OB9 Casino Logo OB9 Casino Review Welcome Bonus Pack up to SGD2990 Claim Bonus
9Solarbet casino logo Solarbet Casino Review Welcome Bonus 200% up to $5000 Claim Bonus
1022Bet Casino Logo 22Bet Casino Review Welcome Bonus 100% Up To SGD500 Claim Bonus

Outstanding VIP Programs and High rollers offers

As we already stated, high rollers and VIP gamblers are seen as the main deal players. As a result, real money online casinos worldwide have lots of benefits and offer rewarding loyal customers. For Singaporean players to join the VIP program, they must fulfill a few things:

  • Automatic Entry – some of the casino sites in this region give room for automatic access to the VIP program upon application. Casinos with automatic entry into the VIP program do not require players to be high rollers. 
  • Application Entry – casinos require that players request access to be part of the VIP program. To apply, prospective VIPs have to deposit substantial Singapore dollars into their casino account and wager with it.
  • Invitation Entry – this is an exclusive VIP program in most casinos. To be part of this club, a Singaporean player must be invited. When the casino observes that a customer is a high roller and consistent on the platform, an invite to join their online VIP program is sent. 

The VIP programs work the same way as other loyalty schemes where players will be given bonuses, free spins, exclusive tournaments, and lots more. The game also plays an important part in the loyalty rewarded for the VIP program. Exclusive VIP programs also range from one level to the other, and players need to keep playing to advance each level and enjoy more benefits. 

Vips and High Rollers Review

Why you should become a VIP/ High Roller

Besides the exclusive casino promotional offers as a high roller/ VIP in Singapore, there is much to gain. 

  • Exclusive bonuses and promotions: As we already mentioned, high roller casino game players have access to a wide range of exclusive, premium, and VIP offers that are not in for regular gamers. Whether they win or lose, they will get some reward as a member.
  • Faster Payouts – cheetahs get a fast payout rate with no limitations in payment methods or delay in payment processing. They can also make their withdrawal any time they desire.
  • Personal VIP Manager – casino VIP players have access to a personalised account manager that they can get across to at any time. That is aside from the premium experience enjoyed.
  • Gifts and Rewards – Most online casinos have a well-packaged reward for their high rollers. This comes with personalised, timely, and motivating gifts, different weekly rewards, and special gifts on birthdays. 
  • Invitation to Special Events – as a Singaporean whale player who plays often, you will be able to receive invitations to distinguished online casino events, comps, tournaments, and special treats offered by the casino.
B9 Casino logo Welcome Bonus 150% up to SGD1000Claim Bonus
1B9 Casino logo B9Casino Review Welcome Bonus 150% up to SGD1000 Claim Bonus

Special Bonuses

There are a lot of different types of casino bonuses, and high roller players, among standard promotions, usually receive special bonus offers and gifts. The first special bonus for these players is the welcome bonus given after making a huge deposit to wager with. This can come in real money gifts or matched deposits. With the special promotional offer of the casino, high rollers have an instant level in the VIP club, which also comes with additional benefits. Another special bonus for a whale member worth mentioning is a reservation on the highest level of the VIP club. The reward for high rollers who get to this level is always huge and exclusive. They can also get exclusive event invites and earn high points converted to real cash.

Casino games with high wagering limits for high rollers

Many casino games have an adjustable bet size, and some have high wagering limits. This gives VIPs the chance to bet on certain games with higher wagering limits. Whales search for this type of game whenever they want to play in a casino. Some games with high limits are Slots, which range from 3-reel slots to 5-reel video slots. These slots have different themes and pay lines, and the bet can be adjusted to higher wagering limits. Other high wagering limit games are blackjack and baccarat. 


In order to become a high roller or a VIP player, you have to make a firm decision on how often you are willing to play and how big are the risks you are willing to take in Singaporean casinos. Even with the incentives attached, players need to weigh what is involved properly. But, if you choose to proceed, you will have the chance to experience amazing benefits and big wins.


To join the VIP program, you need to be consistent with depositing and wagering with a huge sum of money in the casino. Once the casino notices your loyalty, you will be invited to the VIP program.

Yes, there is a minimum spending requirement to get to a high roller or VIP level. However, this minimum margin varies from casino to casino.

Check through the VIP and loyalty program to find high roller bets in any casino. In some casinos, adjusting your bet limits to a high mark after making a large deposit can get you invited to the high roller club.

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