Keno – Everything Explained!

Keno is one of the most popular lottery games in the world, more so in the gambling industry. Many people in Singapore are attracted to it because of the numerous opportunities this casino game provides. The good thing about keno is that you can apply strategies to increase your chances of winning bigger prizes. 

Additionally, playing keno at Singaporean online casinos puts you in a chance of exploring new versions, the latest themes and popular lottery games to try out. This guide provides all the information you should know, including the rules of playing keno, winning strategies, tips to choose the best keno online and more.

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A Brief History of Keno

The Keno game is believed to have been invented in China over 3000 years ago by a king called Leung. He was looking for ways to finance his army to protect his throne. The king’s crown was in danger and the city was under siege. Since he did not want to impose high taxes on inhabitants, he invented the game to generate income. Word has it that the revenues from keno contributed to the building of the Great Wall of China.

However, the keno Leung invented was not the same as what we have today. In the original version, Chinese symbols were used in place of numbers. Moreover, the game layout had 120 characters that were divided into 8 subdivisions. The winner was the player who could guess the entire subdivision or a combination. Keno was taken to France by the migrants where it was modernized. Since then, it has spread across the world over time to become one of the most popular lottery-style games. 

Keno Online

How to Play Keno Online

The best thing about keno is its simple and engaging gameplay. This game has straightforward rules that are easy to master by beginners and experienced players. Though keno does not have the best odds of winning, it’s entertaining and brainstorming. 

At the beginning of the game, players pick numbers and hope that they are the best winning numbers. 

Many versions of keno are played with a total of 80 numbers, with the most popular version called 20-spot keno. 

The most appealing feature about this game is that you can wager from as little as $1 up to $20. The payout is calculated based on the winning numbers that you get and your bet size. Additionally, Singaporean enthusiasts can play keno online as many times as they can afford. Rules of Playing Keno Online are as follows:

  • You receive a keno card marked with numbers ranging between 1 and 40 or 1 and 80. 
  • You must pick between 10 and 15 numbers.
  • The numbers can be picked manually or using the software.
  • You must set a betting range that will determine your win.
  • The program selects 20 random numbers that are to be crossed off from the least.
  • The payouts and odds are based on your stake.
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If you are playing keno for the first time, you must know the terms that are commonly used at some of the best online casinos in Singapore. These terms are:

Aggregate Limit: It is the total payout liability of a casino in a single keno game.

Ball Game: A classic keno game where numbers are represented using plastics.

Bankroll: The player’s money is set aside for gambling.

Blank: A playing ticket that has not been used.

Buy-In-Tournament: It’s a keno tournament where players set up a front fee and play a predetermined number of games.

Caller: An employee or software used for calling keno numbers.

Deuce: Two selected numbers that are adjacent to each other on a keno card.

Flashboard: A display board used to flash winning numbers in a game.

Hit: When the drawn numbers match the spot on a ticket.

King: A single circled number that works with other numbers.

Price: It’s the amount paid to a player on the winning bets.

Types of Keno Games

There is a wide range of keno games available at leading online casinos in Singapore. The good thing about these games is that the rules stay the same though they may have varying themes and payouts. These are the most popular types of keno games:

Classic Keno: Keno classic is a straightforward game with 20 winning numbers. Players can choose between 2 and 10 numbers. The payout for matching 10 numbers is 200,000 times your bet. Though this game has ancient Chinese origins, it is very popular in Singapore and across the world.

Themed Keno: Themed Keno is a relatively new version in the market. Many players love this game because it has better visuals that make them more appealing and fun to play. Though these games have modern themes and designs, the rules of playing remain the same like in traditional keno.

Multi-Card Keno: This is a special type of keno where you play up to 20 online keno cards per round. The cards share the same wager and chosen numbers. Players are only required to choose a card at a time, place a bet and mark 2 to 10 numbers. 

Progressive Jackpot Keno: A Progressive jackpot Keno is a fun-filled keno game with increasing jackpots. These jackpots can be triggered randomly or as bonus payouts. Of course, the size of the jackpots vary depending on the game you choose.

Keno Live: This version is played in real-time and with multiple players. The draws can be automatic or live dealers. What attracts many punters to this game is the social aspect and you can chat with dealers and your other players.

Multiplier Keno: With multiplier keno, you can add a bonus multiplier for a bigger bet. The multiplier can range from 1.5x to 10x depending on the game version you are playing. The best thing in this keno game is that you stand a chance of getting bigger payouts.

Types of Keno Bets

To better your understanding of the keno game, you must know the various bets that are available at real money online casinos in Singapore. The main betting options are:

  • Straight Bet: This is a common wager that requires you to select the numbers you want on the card and wait for the draw. Some casinos even pay players who do not have any matching numbers. You may wager on 1 to 15 numbers but some sites allow betting on up to 40 areas. 
  • Combination Bet: The combination bet requires players to combine groups of straight bets on one ticket but in different ways. Though the best can have contrasting styles, they are applied in the same way. Moreover, players can combine straight and way bets to boost the winning prize.
  • Split Bet:  A split bet requires you to play two or more games on the same card. You pick two groups and divide them with lines or circles. With this wager, you are making two straight bets on the same ticket. However, the two bets cannot share any of the numbers.
  • Way Bet: A way bet works almost in the same way as a split bet. This wager requires you to wager on several groups of numbers on the same keno card. Though this bet is a bit complicated, it has good payouts.
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Keno Winning Tips and Strategies

One of the advantages of playing keno at online casinos in Singapore is that you can apply various tips and strategies to win. Here are the most efficient tips ones to use:

Know Keno Odds: Take time to know the odds of winning on every keno hit that you make. More the hits, better the odds of winning.

Learn the Basics: Learn and master the numbers that offer the best chances of winning.

Stick to Your Numbers: You should not change your numbers frequently. Try to be patient as your next pattern might win.

Pick a Reliable Casino: There are many casinos that offer keno, but you must choose a safe, secure and reliable one.

Have a Limit on your Loses: Try to avoid the tendency of chasing your losses as they may lead to bigger losses.

Try for Free: Many casinos offer free keno games. Take advantage to learn the ins and outs before you place real money bets.

Keno Review

How to Choose an Online Casino

There are many factors that we consider when it comes to choosing the best online casinos to play different casino games. The key factors that we focus on are listed below:

Licensing and Security

Every Singapore casino you pick must be licensed and regulated by a recognized authority like Malta, Curacao, or the Gambling Commission.

Bonuses and Promotions

There should be lucrative bonuses and promotional offers like the welcome bonus, reload bonus, payment method bonus, and many others. We also consider the terms and conditions like wagering requirements you must meet to withdraw winnings.

Payment Options

The casino should have a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers and cryptocurrencies. Also, we check the withdrawal time and any additional fees that you may incur.

Game Options and Software

The best online casinos have a broad range of games, including slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker and many others. Additionally, you should pick casinos that are powered by reputable software companies like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech and Evolution Gaming.

Mobile Compatibility

We test the casino mobile site version to determine its compatibility. It should work on major mobile devices like Android and iOS instantly or through downloadable apps.

Customer Support

There should be 24/7customer support service from professionals. The casino should offer multi-lingual support through various communication channels like email, live chat and telephone.


Keno is one of the most simple and funny casino games to play. Being a pure game of chance, there is little you can do to change the outcomes, but taking into account some of the above listed tips and strategies may increase your chances of winning. The free play keno should help you to learn and understand how the rules of this game work. To sum up, the information we have provided should help Singaporean players to succeed in this well-recognized game.


The numbers with the highest odds of winning in keno are 4 to 8. 

Sure, you can play your favourite keno games in free mode or for real money.

Sure, this casino game can be played instantly via mobile browsers or downloadable apps.

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