All About Responsible Gambling 

Gambling is a lively and entertaining adventure to undertake if done properly by individuals. However, it may become an issue when taken to the extreme, limiting the entertainment attached, which can quickly lead to gambling addiction. In order to identify whether you are a gambling addict, you must examine your gambling lifestyle and pattern. An obsession with playing indicates problem gambling. 

This detailed article will show what makes responsible gambling different from gambling addiction and how Singaporean enthusiasts can avoid imminent emotional and psychological problems.

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Responsible Gambling and Problem Gambling: What is the difference?

Responsible gambling is when a player plays strictly for entertainment without attaching a do-or-die mentality. On the other hand, problem gambling is when players strive to make money and achieve success while playing. These players risk everything, setting no limits just because they believe they can win more. Actually, they usually tend to have high or excessive expectations from their gameplay.

The main difference between these two terms can be seen in the aftereffect of playing. Responsible gamblers are content with whatever results and do not expect anything. They understand that this is a game of chance and luck. They don’t gamble more than they can afford, and it doesn’t burden anyone. However, problem gambling affects not just the player but everyone around them. Since they set no limit and gamble beyond what they can afford, they quickly lose precious savings or items of value. Unlike responsible gamblers who understand that gambling is a game of luck and chance, problem gamblers follow superstitions, myths, omens, and predictions. These beliefs act as false guides and hope. They end up with this mentality of ‘one more time.’ “I can win if only I try again. I can win a double for sure if I play this time.”

Unfortunately, if proper intervention is not set in place, problem gamblers can have major emotional, psychological, and financial issues. Thankfully, most of the best online casinos in Singapore have AI that ensures responsible gambling. These systems monitor repeated or consistent gambling from a player and limit playing. 

Responsible Gambling Review

Warning signs of Problem Gambling 

There are some warning signs to help Singaporean players know whether they are on the part of addiction. Once they notice it in their gameplay, they should seek help or quit gambling temporarily. Signs to take note of include; 

  • Spending more money and time gambling than you have planned is an obvious sign you are diving deeper into an addiction. 
  • Chasing your losses and wanting to gain back all you have lost within a short time is a warning sign as well, and a check must be made before it gets out of hand. 
  • When you cannot go a day without gambling, you are quickly walking down the path of problem gambling.
  • When you develop a must-win attitude to gambling, or when you seek or follow superstitions, myths, strategies, and omens before you gamble, you are headed toward problem gambling.  
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Denial is Half of the Problem 

The greatest part of problem gambling is denial. This is a major step, and nothing can be done unless the problem gambler accepts the illness. Once the player realizes that he has an issue, then solutions can be presented and followed through. It is highly recommended to seek professional help if you notice that you can’t control your gambling addiction.

How to Control the Addiction

As we already stated, in order to control the addiction to gambling, Singaporean players must admit that they have a problem. Knowing and admitting has done half of the work for you. The next stage is either curtailing your spending and time allocated to gambling or cutting off. This decision should be made depending on how easy or difficult it is to follow the restrictions. If you have high self-control, the initial option should work for you. Otherwise, take the last one. If things still prove difficult, consider getting an accountability partner or seeking third-party help. They should offer you more restrictions and support. 

Gable Responsibly

Tips for Responsible Gambling

To play your games responsibly without being affected in one way or the other, you have to take these tips into consideration 

  • If you set out to gamble, do it for entertainment, and not to win easy money.
  • Treat the money you lost as value for your entertainment.
  • Set MONEY and TIME limits and stick to them. If you have problems with that, remember, some Singaporean online casinos let you set money limits in advance, which can be useful to stop in time.
  • Expect to lose, and don’t use your credit card to gamble. Remember, almost all casino games are based on luck and not on skill, so when you win, consider that you got lucky, and similarly when you lose, blame it to bad luck, don’t fixate on it. 
  • Create balance in your life – gambling when angry or upset is not a good idea. Try to play with a clear head.
  • Don’t increase your betting to cover for the real money lost. It’s never a good idea to continue raising your bets when losing and hoping to win all your money back.
  • Don’t use gambling as a method to cope with stress, loneliness, or depression – It is not the answer to any problem.
  • Educate yourself about problem gambling. There are a lot of organisations, websites that provide useful information regarding gambling addiction.
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To get further guides and information, here are the resources that can be relied on. Gamblers Anonymous (GA); BeGambleAware; GamCare and Gambling Therapy – all these organizations are dedicated to helping people who are struggling with gambling addiction. They possess all the information you might need to help you become a responsible gambler. It can help you to enjoy a healthy gambling experience without ruining your life, over chasing the illusion of winnings.


Gambling at real money casinos is a fun experience to go after, but in doing so, Singaporean players must not get too attached. We believe that this entertainment should bring joy and pleasure to the players. However, some gamblers do not believe that they can develop an addiction, or hold false beliefs and myths that can lead to serious damage. But, the truth is that problem gambling can affect your personal life and those around you. 


This is a computer software that doesn't allow your device to access a gambling site. If you have a problem controlling yourself, this will help you to stay off gambling sites.

This is a growing treatment method in collaboration with the advancement of online gambling bodies. A gambler facing problems gets assistance from a support group online to aid recovery while remaining anonymous.

The best thing to do is get treatment by counselling, attempting step-based programs, self-help, and introducing medications.

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