Privacy Policy

We affirm to guard your privacy and we understand that it is important to you. It is necessary for us to follow the legal terms. It is Casinos Singapore’s policy to protect your information collected while using our website,, thus keeping in mind your privacy, and to be clear, we are not responsible for any information collected after getting redirected to other sites. Kindly read this privacy policy to ensure that your information is completely safe right before you submit your information or data to us.

Usage of the Collected Data

The site,, usually refuses to collect any personal information from the users. But even if we do collect your data, then it would be to make it useful for us to render a service for you.  We aim to provide you with the best alliance and if your information is asked, then it would solely be to execute your request. All information you give us is a voluntary activity from your side and we do not force any user to provide their details.

The information gathered from you will be kept safe and away from any other source or third party. But we are bound to expose if requested by the law.

Important Note: Our website, is answerable only for the information collected in our site. If you are redirected to another site from ours, then you must go through the redirected site’s privacy policy before providing your data.

Not responsible for redirecting sites

This site,, has a number of redirecting links that might take you to a completely different site. We would like to make it clear that we have no control over their practices and policies. Those sites have their own set of practice, working, policies, terms, and conditions. If you want to continue on their site, then it is safe to look into their policies before submitting any of your data.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are tiny trackers hidden inside your browser that stores your browsing data and relevant passwords if any, to retrieve later for immediate buffering. The data collected through the cookies is solely responsible for executing your relevancy and we do not misuse the data at any point. We keep track of the number of visitors and their usage to understand the visitor’s preferences to customize accordingly.

Our cookies store information every time you visit a web page so that the next time you visit the same page, it streams quicker to display data easily. The authoritative department which stores the data is liable for preventing any exposure and that would be safeguarded at all times until requested by the law.

Persistent and session category cookies

We make use of persistent and session cookies. Persistent cookies are those which can access your device even after the network is offline and the session cookies are those which will be closed once the browser is turned off. We rely on understanding our visitor’s preferences and do not misuse data at any times.

Third party category cookies

Sites which have a foothold on our sites like advertisers and other redirecting sites might store some information regarding user’s usage and preferences to enhance the overall user experience and their service.

To turn off the cookies, you can look into the setting of the browser to refrain from any sort of data collection from our end and we would never involuntarily take any information from the users. You can turn it off anytime but if you do so, certain services might be cut off from the site for your display.

Signing up for the newsletter

We collect your email address to communicate with you by sending constant newsletters to update you regarding our services and concerned information. We request your email address and we do not force any involuntary information from you. It is the user’s personal voluntary action to provide the same. We guard your data and will not expose to any third parties. If law and order are involved, we are ought to obey.

Any doubts, feel free to raise queries

If you proceed with using our site, then it would directly be considered that you agree with our privacy policy and our respective conditions. If you have queries, then feel free to get in touch with us so that we can explain well regarding our policies and conditions.