The Only Slots Guide You Need to Read Today!

Here at Casinos Singapore Online, we get a lot of questions from Singapore players on how to play slots online. Players accustomed to playing table games at the land based casinos, slots machines at the same establishments or have never played slots totally, these players seem to want to give slot games a try. And it’s not difficult to see why these players are curious to give these games a try! 

Slots are the simplest from all casino games to play.  They are games that anyone can easily play with very little knowledge. Whether you’d like to play classic slots or the more modern 3D slots such as Narcos Slots, you can be sure to find useful information to help you have an easy and good time playing them online. 

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History of Slot Games

Back in 1895, the first ever slot machine was developed by a mechanic by the name Charles Fey. The mechanic resided in San Francisco and developed the Liberty Bell – the first ever mechanical slot game that awarded players a jackpot of 50 cent for lining up three liberty bells on the reels. 50 cents was a lot of money then and given how ‘easy’ it was to win this cash, the popularity of the Liberty Bell went gangbusters. 

Over the next decades, several adjustments were made to the Liberty Bell to fit in with the modern technology and make them more entertaining to play. This included increasing the rewards offered, including more images on the reels and reducing the chances of cheating. 

Almost a century later, the internet was born. This gave rise to the online casinos, which saw a migration of players flocking these platforms to play their favourite games. 

While the first online casino was only founded in 1996, the real action started in 1994. What triggered this worldwide phenomenon was the regulation of online casinos through the Free Trade and Processing Act enacted by Barbuda and Antigua – a little nation found in the Caribbean. 

Barbuda and Antigua started offering licenses to companies that showed interest in providing online casino services and thus in 1996, the first ever online casino – InterCasino – was born. Since then, the brand has gone out to pay more than $5 billion in real money winning to their patrons.

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Types of Slot Games

The sheer variety and choice of all the type of slots can be overwhelming just as it is alluring. To help the new players find their way around, we are going to explain the main categorization of slots. The 8,000+ slot games that you’ll come across has to fall under one of these categories. 

  • Classic Fruit Slots: These are slot games with a theme based on the classic Charles Fey’s Liberty Bell slot machine. They tend to have one payline and a pattern comprising of 2-3 symbols
  • Video Slots: Video slot games were a predecessor to online slots. And when online slots were launched, the majority of the games were based on video slots. While they were more advanced than the classic fruit slots, featuring more symbols, paylines and reels, their graphics were poor and low quality
  • Modern 3D Slots: To make slots gaming more fun and interesting, software developers introduced 3D elements to the slots. They also introduced more bonus rounds, free spins and other interesting features such as Megaways, both ways win, cascading reels just to mention a few. Today, it’s not difficult for you to come across a 3D slot that’s based on popular culture, film and TV programs among other things. 
  • Jackpot Slots: They are, what we’d like to describe as, the epitome of online slots gaming. Progressive Jackpot slots can be classic fruit slots, video slots, or the more modern 3D slots. What sets them apart from the other categories is the prize that they offer. For instance, for a classic themed jackpot slot, you’ll find that it offers a payout that’s as large as $5,000. This is unusual for classic fruit slots since most tend to have low maximum payouts averaging mostly to $500. 
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Mobile Slots 

They are the more contemporary slot games, designed and optimized for play on the mobile platform. All the categories above can be listed as mobile slot games. 

Mobile slots can be categorized into either download or no download. 

  • Download mobile slots are those that you can download and enjoy them from your mobile device. 
  • No download mobile slots are browser based slots. These games have been optimized to play on all mobile devices that support a browser. They’ll adapt to a device’s specifications to give the best performance possible. 

Read our guide to mobile casinos to know more about mobile gaming.

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Slots Features – Understanding The Slot Anatomy & In-game Features

The niche of online slot games can be intriguing and engaging in equal measure. However, it can also be somewhat baffling, mostly because of the terminology involved. There’s plenty of jargon that’s involved in bingo games, but debatably, the words used in slots take the highest degree of effort to understand. To help you understand these terminologies, we’ve broken them down into two categories. 

Slot Anatomy

  • Reels: They are responsible for holding the slot symbols. Each time you hit the spin button, they’ll spin to align the symbols on different sections of the screen
  • Paylines: It’s on the paylines where the winning symbols are aligned. These lines run horizontally, diagonally, vertically or horizontally on the game’s screen. As a rule of the thumb, the more paylines activated on the reels, the more your winning chances
  • Symbols: In slots, symbols give the game a theme. They are the pictures that you get to see on the screen as you spin the reels
  • Wild Symbols: Wild symbols are special symbols in the slot. They’ll replace all the other symbols on the reels to form winning symbols, besides the scatter and bonus symbols
  • Scatter Symbols: They play different roles in slots, but the most common one is activating the free spins bonus game. When you land three or more of these symbols, scattered anywhere on the reels, the free spins game is triggered  
  • Bonus Symbols: They are what they sound like i.e., they are used to trigger several bonus rounds. Like the scatter symbol(s), you need to land at least three of these symbols to unlock a bonus game,  
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In-game Bonus Rounds & Casino Bonuses

In-game bonus rounds tend to come in different sizes and shapes – but they all serve one purpose – to award you with as much cash as possible. Because of the huge sums of money that these bonus rounds offer, the majority of the players will always look forward to activating them. And while there are several types of in-game bonus rounds, they are broadly categorized into these three. 

  • Free Spins Bonuses: Awarded when you land at least three scatter symbols on the reels. Once active, the reels spin for a number of times, without charging you any cash. Some of the slot games have a re-spin feature, which is triggered when you land more scatter symbols during the free spins game. But it not onlyavalable as in-game feature, but free spins also can be granted as abonus from casino, it can be for registration, monthly basis or to promote a new game.
  • Click-Me Bonus Games: Once active, you are required to click on the given symbol to reveal the underlying prize, which could be free spins, multipliers or cash rewards
  • Bonus Wheel In Slots: This is a wheel of fortune like bonus game where you have to spin a wheel and wait for your reward when the wheel stops

Other than these bonus rounds that you have to work for (by playing online slots), there are those that are offered by an online casino when you sign up, make deposits or participate in a certain promotion(s). Here are some of the most common bonus types

  • Welcome bonus: Awarded when you sign up at an online casino. It comes as either a match deposit bonus or a package constituting of a match deposit and free spins. Only new members can claim welcome bonus.
  • Cash back bonus: As the name suggests, cashback bonuses are awarded in the form of cash, back to your account. This is either to reimburse you for incurring some losses, or as part of an ongoing promotion at the casino 
  • Reload bonus: When you reload ‘recharge’ your account, you are awarded the reload bonus
  • Comp points bonuses: Comp points aren’t really bonuses per se, but they are part of a program aimed at ensuring that you earn points for every cent spent at the site. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can always redeem them for real money or other goodies at the site
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Understanding the More Complicated Stuff – RTP, House Edge, Volatility and Hit Frequency 

All the information provided above is enough to get you started at the slot games. However, in order to make more informed decisions when picking out a slot game, you also need to understand the more complicated stuff. This is what this section is all about. 

  • RTP: This is an acronym for Return To Player percentage. It is a figure that’s usually expressed as a percentage while playing slots and shows you the expected long term return from the slot game. 

Therefore, if a slot has an RTP of 95%, it will mean that it should return at least 95 cents from a $1 wager. However, this isn’t usually a guarantee given that the 95% RTP has been reached after spinning the reels several million times. 

  • House Edge: The house edge of a slot game is the complete opposite of the RTP. It represents the amount of money that the house stands to win from each spin. To calculate the house edge, simply subtract the RTP from 100%. 
  • Volatility:  Also known as the variance, the volatility of a slot game refers to the risk associated with the slot game you are playing. A slot can be of high volatility, medium volatility, or low volatility. High volatile slots tend to pay out less often, but when they do payout, the sums of cash are usually astronomical. Low volatile slots, on the other hand, payout small wins frequently
  • Hit Frequency: The hit frequency of a slot game indicates the frequency at which the slot game will form winnings. It’s usually expressed as a percentage. For instance, a game with a 25% hit frequency means that 1 out of 4 spins is likely going to be a winner. 

Before playing slots, it’s usually advisable that you find out all the parameters listed above. This way, you can pick the right slot game that fits your budget accordingly. And as you play, always remember that the trick to increasing your chances of winning at slots is to ensure that your bankroll lasts as long as possible.

How Do You Play Slots Online

Playing slots is an easy and straightforward affair. Follow the steps below and you’ll soon be on your way to winning some easy cash. 

  • Pick the slot game you’d like to play. Consider the parameters above when picking your slot
  • Choose the number of coins you’d like to spend and the number of paylines to activate. In other instances, the number of paylines is always set to fix. 
  • Click on the spin button once you are satisfied with your selection to get the reels spinning

Are Slots Rigged? – Debunking a Popular Myth!

There’s a common misconception that slot games are rigged to favour the house or you can alter the code to favour you. THIS IS NOT TRUE!

In the past, before the development of the RNG software, it was possible for people to use complex software to cheat on slot machines. Some of the rogue online casinos also altered the software to favour them. 

However, with strict rules and regulations in place, this is a thing of the past. Legitimate online casinos are usually audited by independent third party auditing bodies and licensing bodies to ensure that they comply with the set rules. A significant rule is to ensure that the RNG software, responsible for making the results of the slots as random as possible, is up to date always.


There are numerous reasons why you should play slots online, but one of the most enjoyable aspects is the potential reward they promise, without requiring you to put in so much effort. These beautiful spinners are easy and straightforward to play – after all, each spin is just one touch of your screen away! 


It’s 100% safe to play slots online. Online casinos use state of the art encryption technology to ensure you have a safe, secure and anonymous gambling experience.

Yes, you can play slots for free. This applies to all sorts of slot games, including jackpot slots.

You cannot win any real money playing free slots. However, if you choose to stake some cash, you can win anything from $1 to millions. It all depends on the game you are playing

Free spins are limited to one account, one user. You, therefore, cannot share or transfer free spins to any of your mates account.

No, you don’t have to download any special software to play slots. As long as you have an up to date browser, you can enjoy playing slot games.

Strategies don’t work with slot games as the game’s results are totally random and greatly dependent on luck. However, you can look for a good bankroll management strategy to ensure that your bankroll lasts for as long as possible. This increases your winning chances at the slots

The word best is relative as it all depends on your preferences. However, a good casino should feature the following traits:

1. Have a variety of games, playable at different stakes

2. Round the clock customer support services

3. A license issued by one of the top licensing body in the industry

4. Several payment options to enable fast deposits and withdrawals

5. A good reputation in the online casino industry

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